2023 Arctic Gray Forester 6 Plus

Type: NewStyle: 6 Passenger, Lifted, Multi-Passenger, Trail-Hunting Brand: EvolutionLocation: ParkerYear: 2023Price: $15,495

Elevate your game with the all-new Evolution 6 Passenger—a remarkable golf cart designed for unparalleled performance and style. This cutting-edge vehicle is fully loaded and ready to hit the streets, elevating your driving experience to new heights.


-48 V Lithium Battery

-6″ Lift

-14″ Aluminum Wheel w/ All Terrain Tires

-Built-In Stereo System

-Touchscreen with the following capabilities; Speedometer feature, Bluetooth/Radio, Back Up Camera, Car App Connection

-Side Mirrors

-Turn Signals

Get ready to rEVOLUTIONize your golfing experience with the Evolution 6 Passenger. With its fully loaded features and exceptional performance, this golf cart is your key to a thrilling and stylish ride. Step into the future of golfing technology and embrace the Evolution 6 Passenger today!


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