Star EV SS

These SS Limited EV’s are available with 48 Volt AC or DC drive and come in maroon metallicoyster pearl metallicblack metallicelectric bluegray metallicliquid copper, and the limited-edition Caribbean Blue. The SS Limited models come standard with color complimented suite seats, 12” chrome SS wheels, chrome rocker panels, glove box doors with SS Ltd. branding, plush black carpet throughout the cab and bagwell and come with or without the patented 2 in 1 combo seat. SS’s are available as 2, 4SF, 4L or 6 passengers and also are available as a lifted model. SS’s can be made street legal too…so you can show off this deluxe EV on the course…or on the road!

Brand: Star Ev
Type: 2-Passenger
Price: Contact us for price

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